56 days Concrete Test

Unlike the ordinary portland cement where the 28 days concrete test is applicable, 28 and 56 days Concrete test applies only when using High Early Strength Portland Cement

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Estimating Flow Standard


Wind simulation using Robot Millennium

Robot Millennium now offers a wind simulation, but you still need to do one more step to get the final surface wind pressure. This video shows the dynamic wind pressure before multiplying by the size effect factor Ca and Cp and the code used over here is the British Standard.

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Road layers


Soil Sloping Systems

Maximum allowable slopes for excavation less than 6 m based on soil type and angle to the horizontal as follows:

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Spreadsheet for Early age Crackwidth according to CIRIA

I've prepared this spreadsheet for Early age Crackwidth according to CIRIA for your review and comments before official publishing on the spreadsheets section:


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Importing a model from AutoCAD to Etabs

Although the preferred method for modelling in Etabs is by using the grid and geometry wizard by Etabs for several reasons:

  1. Error and warning free model,
  2. Fast running,
  3. Accuracy.

However, sometimes we see very complicated structures with round floor plans, etc. so importing the model from AutoCAD would be easier. But, this will result in hundreds of warnings and sometimes error when running the model in Etabs and the model will likely take a long time to run.

There is a good practice where you can import the model from AutoCAD to Etabs and avoid these issues, by editing the exported points from Etabs in Excel.

Go through the points that have a long precision xx.056524 "For example" and reduce the number of digits and merge them as appropriate, then import the model to Etabs and test.

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