Drop beams and slabs (pros and cons)


  1. • Flexibility in vertical service distribution, large openings can be accommodated in the slab elements.
  2. • Inherent corrosion protection and fire resistance.
  3. • Simpler reinforcement arrangement.
  4. • Traditional method of construction.
  5. • Simple method of construction not needing specialist capabilities.
  6. • Robust construction.


  1. • Large openings cannot be accommodated easily on the beam lines.
  2. • Deep beams reduce head room.
  3. • More complex formwork compared to flat slab systems.

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2 thoughts on “Drop beams and slabs (pros and cons)”

  1. Additional Cons
    (1) Difficult to light up especially for car parks and wide areas
    (2) Rebar placement is more tedious having to tie beam cages above the formwork before lowering
    (3) Formwork rate of production much slower than flat slabs, about 5:1
    (4) For every 10 storeys, about 1 storey of effective head height is lost.

    Additional Pros
    (1) Lighter rebars generally
    (2) Lighter foundations vs traditional flat slabs or plates
    (3) Better Seismic performance
    (4) Less sensitive to poor workmanship than flat slab structures

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