Deflection formulas

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  1. Eagle says:

    Charts work only in MS Office 2003 and earlier, and this is actually out of our control. This issue won't affect anything in the calculations or the printout. You won't only be able to see the charts (interaction diagram) in the popup window when you solve a single section or a column fails if solved several sections at once.

    Therefore, we added these charts to the sheet itself at the far right side after the table.

    Why do you face difficulty in using the spreadsheets! I assume you have tested the free version without issues before purchase. Please list your problems and we will be more than happy to assist you.

  2. [email protected] says:

    thanks for providing charts.
    I am facing problems in using spread sheets, I am using Excel 2007,it is saying a dialog sheet in this work book contains one or more charts, because the current version of excel does not support charts in dialog sheets, all charts will be deleted. please provide solutions to use of excel sheets purchased from you and provide demonstration for use of excel sheet.
    akthar moinuddin khan

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