Particular Gravity of Cement - Detailed Rationalization

What number of of about particular gravity of cement?

We hope virtually all of us would bear in mind the worth as 3.15 (truly 3.12-3.19).  However most of us have no idea why we're calculating this worth?

On this publish, we are going to clarify you about,

  • What's Particular Gravity?
  • Why are we calculating this worth for cement?
  • Significance of particular gravity of cement
  • Experiment to find out this worth

What's Particular Gravity of Cement?

Definition – Particular Gravity is only a comparability between the burden of a quantity of a selected materials to the burden of the identical quantity of water at a specified temperature.

In Easy – It's a worth to calculate whether or not the fabric is ready to sink or float on water. Each materials has some particular gravity. The worth is often in digits like 0.1 – 100. If the worth is lower than 1, then the fabric will float on water. If the worth is larger than 1, then the fabric will sink.

3.15g/cc means the cement is 3.15 instances heavier than the water of the identical quantity.

Why are we calculating this worth for cement?

Usually aggregates are derived from stockpiles, which can be uncovered to varied circumstances.

If the cement has uncovered to excessive moisture content material then, the particular gravity of cement will differ due to the moisture content material current within the pores.

Each materials has strong particles and pores which can include water in it.

Usually our nominal combine design relies on the worth of particular gravity of cement as 3.15. The worth will change over time if the cement is uncovered to varied climate circumstances. So it's important to find out the particular gravity of cement earlier than utilizing it.

For this reason we're insisted on avoiding previous inventory cement, which can be affected by the exterior moisture content material.

Significance of particular gravity of cement

As already stated, the cement could include plenty of moisture content material whether it is uncovered to varied circumstances and humidity.

Importance of Specific Gravity of Cement

Everyone knows that water cement ratio is a crucial issue. It's straight proportional to workability and the power of a bonding. If the cement has already extra moisture in it then, the worth of water cement ratio will truly have an effect on the workability and power moderately than growing it.

If the particular gravity of cement is larger than 3.19 then, the cement is both not minced finely as per the trade commonplace or it has extra moisture content material which is able to have an effect on the combo and bonding. For this reason you discover plenty of chunks whereas mixing previous inventory cement for concrete.

Learn how to calculate cement particular gravity?

Utilizing Le Chatelier Flask technique, we will decide this worth. That is an experiment carried out on the website degree.
Pycnometer filled with kerosene


To search out particular gravity of cement worth

Required Supplies & Equipment:

  • Extraordinary Portland Cement
  • Kerosene
  • Le-Chatelier Flask capability of 250 ml or Particular Gravity Bottle / Pycnometer (100 ml)
  • Weighing stability with 0.1 gm correct

Why are we utilizing Kerosene as an alternative of water?

To calculate particular gravity for any materials, we now have to make use of water. However water reacts with cement and varieties calcium oxide. In order that we're utilizing Kerosene. It doesn’t react with cement. For this reason we're utilizing 0.79 g/cc (particular gravity of kerosene) in our calculation (particular gravity of water – 1g/cc)

Take a look at Process:

  1. The Flask needs to be free from the liquid meaning it needs to be absolutely dry. Weigh the empty flask(W1)
  2. Fill the cement on the bottle as much as half of the flask (about 50gm) and weigh with its stopper (W2)
  3. Add Kerosene to the cement as much as the highest of the bottle. Combine effectively to take away the air bubbles in it. Weigh the flask with cement and kerosene (W3)
  4. Empty the flask. Fill the bottle with kerosene as much as the highest and weigh the flask (W4)


Particular Gravity,Specific Gravity of Cement Formula

Particular gravity of kerosene is 0.79 g/cc

Be aware:

The error worth can be acceptable ±0.01.
The sensible can be achieved inside 30° C temperature.

Experiment Video

Right here is the video tutorial that we discovered on YouTube which illustrates the check


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