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ATIR has developed STRAP into a complicated and user-friendly software program that enables engineers to design and analyse many kinds of constructions. It goes far past the fundamentals of structural engineering evaluation because it consists of advanced technical features appropriate for almost all kinds of constructions, corresponding to the usage of submodels, the design for a number of development levels, and instruments for environment friendly undertaking administration. We'll discover the various kinds of options that make STRAP one of many trade’s leaders in structural design and evaluation. 

File Administration
Once you open STRAP you will notice this web page.
This web page serves as a file administration system to your fashions. It lists your fashions sorted both by title or by date. You'll be able to copy, delete, and compress fashions right into a ZIP file. Furthermore, you possibly can just remember to are deciding on the best mannequin by viewing the thumbnail drawing of the mannequin and its statistics (eg. complete variety of nodes, components, partitions,and many others). The"word" possibility enables you to write feedback and reminders for every mannequin and to trace revisions.Structural Varieties
There are a number of choices you could select to create a brand new mannequin. You begin by selectinga framing possibility (aircraft body, aircraft grid, house body or truss), thenopen a clean template or select from predefined structural fashions within the Mannequin Wizard possibility.


STRAP Structural Engineering Software

We'll strive the "Truss on Columns" Mannequin Wizard. As soon as this feature is chosen, STRAP guides you thru the mannequin definition course of by asking for therelevant dimensions - column peak, truss peak, the camber on the heart, and many others. STRAP then asks to your part materials properties and sizes, in addition to your vertical hundreds and wind hundreds. For this instance, we'll assume the lifeless load to be 24 kN/m ( kPaDL x 8m load width) for each the highest and backside chord to account for providers and ceiling hundreds. A dwell load of 16 kN/m ( kPa LL x 8m load width) will likely be assumed for upkeep hundreds. For wind hundreds, it isconservatively assumed that wind stress is qz = 2.3. Wind load on roof and columns is qz x -1.four x 8m = -26kN/m (windward) and -15 kN/m (leeward). Wind load parallel to ridge is qz x x 8m= -18kN/m. All these values will be revised later.

STRAP Structural Engineering Software
STRAP Structural Engineering Software
Nodes and Restraints
As soon as you might be within the mannequin, you possibly can view the Geometry Menu on the far proper. The primary menu merchandise is the "Node"possibility. Right here you possibly can outline a single node or a number of nodes mendacity on a line with equal or various spacing. Not like some business software program on the market, you possibly can renumber your node numbers, which lets you current your fashions in a way more organized method. Bear in mind to output your information once more after renumbering your nodes!Within the "Restraint" possibility you possibly can outline restrained levels of freedom (translation or rotation in numerous instructions) at every node.

To outline or revise beam components, choose the "Beam" possibility.  You'll be able to create single beams, a steady straight line of beams, an arc of beams, or a string of beams. You can even use the Beam possibility to alter part properties by deciding on sections from predefined metal tables, or combining sections to create composite members. You can even enter your personal materials properties (modulus of elasticity, Poisson ratio, density, and many others). Finish releases will be outlined on the beam ends. Even non-linear finish releases or plastic hinges at beam ends will be enter. Not plenty of software program has this refined perform, as they typically solely present solely primary linear finish launch choices.


STRAP Structural Engineering Software
You can even create plate components by defining triangles, parallelogram and quadrilaterals.  The "mesh" possibility mechanically fills a big space with components. Plate components will be of uniform or tapered thicknesses.Unidirectional springs or elastic helps will be outlined. These can be utilized to mannequin soil coefficients for the design of floor beams or mat foundations.STRAPadditionally goes one step past typical business packages by together with the choice to design with non-linear springs and hole components, which are sometimes used for analyzing soil and construction interplay throughout seismic actions.

STRAP Structural Engineering Software
STRAP additionally supplies choices to create strong components by lifting and rotating plate components.One distinctive perform that STRAP has is the power to create atypical partitions shapes. Within the Wall part editor, partitions with openings will be created, in addition to partitions with a number of segments. Wall sections may also be retrieved from an current DXF file.
STRAP Structural Engineering Software
One in every of STRAP’s key options is the usage of "submodels". Submodels are a small a part of the entire mannequin and are outlined in a unique working space. The submodels are then hooked up to the "fundamental mannequin" to type the entire construction.Submodels are helpful when there's a repetitive a part of the mannequin.  The submodel will be hooked up a number of occasions to the principle mannequin; every one is known as an "occasion" of the submodel. There are alternatives to outline the situation and sort of connection between the submodel and the principle mannequin.
There are plenty of benefits to this characteristic.


  • Submodels are nice for designing typical flooring in high-rise buildings. If you wish to change properties or hundreds inside a typical ground, you possibly can revise thesubmodel and all of the revisions are mechanically utilized in all of the cases.
  • Every submodel can comprise this system capability for nodes and components.  The utmost mannequin measurement turns into limitless when submodels are outlined.
  • The evaluation time is diminished when submodels are used.
  • The nodes and components arenumbered independentlyin submodels. Predominant mannequin and submodel outcomes are displayed individually.

You'll be able to create submodels by changing a specific a part of the principle mannequin right into a submodel. In our Truss on Columns instance, we have now chosen solely the roof truss to be our submodel.

STRAP Structural Engineering Software
STRAPthen mechanically determines the "connection factors" the place the submodel is hooked up to the principle mannequin; it searches for the submodel nodes and fundamental mannequin nodes which might be closest to one another. If the connection nodes can't be unified (ie. don't share the identical coordinates), a inflexible hyperlink between the connection level and fundamental mannequin node will likely be created.Phases
Totally different development levels of mannequin will be designed. In typical structural engineering software program, you should design the entire mannequin which represents the ultimate construction on the finish of development. Nevertheless in STRAP you possibly can simply and quickly design totally different development levels by basing new levels on an current stage. Every stage can have totally different sections, helps and, most significantly, totally different development load circumstances and non permanent wind circumstances. You should use the Stage perform to research the steadiness of every separate development stage and to maintain observe of the adjustments, therefore rising safetyfor every stage.


STRAP Structural Engineering Software
Not solely are you able to enter the fundamental uniformand concentrated hundreds on beam components and uniform pressures on components, you may as well enter different specialised load circumstances in STRAP. You'll be able to outline temperature hundreds to mannequin the growth or contraction results at beam ends or a temperature gradient attributable to the contraction/growth of the width of the beam or component. Listed below are another hundreds that may be enter in STRAP:

  • Prestress forces:
  • Lack-of-fit results (when a beam that's initially too brief or too lengthy and is made to suit the design size)
  • Chess hundreds or Staggered hundreds (automated output of load mixture patterns)
  • P-Delta hundreds (non-linear secondary forces which trigger iterative calculations)

STRAPmay calculate the wind stress distributions for chosen areas of the construction (eg. roof) based on projected wind load areas, wind course, and Code parameters.

STRAP Structural Engineering Software
After your load circumstances have been outlined you possibly can both create your load mixtures by typing within the load elements manually or by retrieving mixtures from this system’s library.Calculations and Outcomes
After evaluation,


STRAP can calculate the next:

  • Elastic slab deflections
  • Punching shear stresses in slab components at column areas: This system will output the efficient shear forces, punching shear stresses, concrete capacities or punching shear capacities, and reinforcement wanted to withstand punching. It additionally reveals graphically whether or not extra reinforcement is required or whether or not shear stresses exceed the allowable stress.
  • Crack width:STRAPcalculates the reinforcement measurement and spacing required for crack width necessities.

Tabular outcomes may also be generated to your structural engineering studies. Outcomes corresponding to most and minimal second, shear, axial forces andelement stresses will be outputted. Nodal deflections, principal response forces and moments, and spring reactions for soil pressures may also be outputted in tabular format.

STRAP Structural Engineering Software
As well as, graphical outcomes for beams and components will be printed out for documentation and presentation to authorities officers and shoppers. Aspect outcomes will be displayed with a contour maps, or with values plotted alongside a bit line drawn by the mannequin.Different Modules
There are different modules you could discover and use in



  • Dynamic Evaluation:
    This module analyzes structural behaviour below dynamic hundreds and solves for mode shapes.
  • Seismic Design:
    Seismic load circumstances will be produced by specifying seismic elements and scaling.
  • Structural Metal Design:
    You should use this module to test sections or choose the optimum metal sections, based on specified properties and situations. You can even show detailed outcomes and calculations of your design checks (second diagrams, part properties, part classification, shear, second, axial, deflection, lateral torsional buckling and mixed stresses).
  • Concrete Module:
    This module designs strengthened concrete beams, columns, partitions, and slabs and their reinforcement and deflection outcomes. Reinforcement drawings may also be generated.
  • AutoSTRAP:
    This program generates the structural mannequin from an DXF drawing.
    This module designs post-tensioned concrete beams and slabs.

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