Bearing capacity calculations at a certain level:The following calculations are
based on the soil report recommendations for the soil parameter at a certain
level. The extracted soil parameter from the soil report will be used to
calculate the allowable bearing capacity at this level in accordance to (Bowels,
Foundation Analysis And Design, 1996).The considered safety factor for bearing
capacity calculations is 3 (Bowels, 1996).

Average SPT (N value) = 15 (Refer to soil report � recommended soil parameter)

Bearing capacity calculations:
qu = K N (Ultimate bearing capacity)
K = 12 (Bowels, Foundation Analysis And Design, 1996).
N = 15
qu = 12 x 15 = 180 kN/m2
qa = qu / FS = 180 / 3 = 60 kN/m2
qa = 60 kN/m2 (Allowable bearing capacity)