Productivity Rate

Floor finish demolition
Demolish floor cement tiles1100
Demolish  floor screed (7 Cm) using hand tools120
Demolish floor marble tiles1100
Demolish floor light weight concrete (7 Cm) using hand tools120
Demolish floor ceramic tiles1100
Horizontal handling (20 meters away)360
Vertical manual handling (1Floor height)330
Vertical mechanical handling (1Floor height)3600
Ceiling finish demolition
Demolish ceiling plaster120
Demolish Metal lath ceiling120
Demolish gypsum board ceiling1100
Walls finish demolition
Demolish wall plaster140
Demolish walls ceramic tiles140
Demolish marble or stone cladding125
Masonry walls demolition
Demolish masonry wall 120 mm thickness150
Demolish masonry wall 250 mm thickness125
Masonry work
build new brick wall 120 mm thick1118
build new brick wall 250 mm thick119
Wall finishes
Spatter dash11150
Spots & Dots11m280
Plaster fill1125
wall paints11200
Wall Marble1115
Marble skirting installation11m.l100
install wall Marble (mechanical)1110
Wall Ceramic1120
Ceramic skirting11m.l100
Wooden skirting11m.l100
Wooden wall cladding 1st fix11m.l
Wooden wall cladding 2 nd fix
Gypsum board partitions
Glazed windows
Curtain walls
Floor Finishes
Marble tiles 600x300mm1110
Ceramic  floor finish,  300x300mm1120
cast screed  with (7cm thick).1125
cement Mosaic Tiles 20x20x2cm1125
HDF installation11100
Underlay for carpet installation11150
Carpet installation11100
Parquet flooring 1st fix1110
parquet flooring final fix1120
Parquet flooring finishing1150
Ceiling Finishes
Spatter dash1190
Spots & Dots11m260
Plaster fill for ceiling1118
ceiling paints11150
suspension system for suspended ceiling1140
gypsum board installation1175
Timber false ceiling installation1111
Metal Lath
Gypsum Cornice11m.l50
Cornice Type  (Fuitech )11m.l150
Wood doors
Room & bathroom doors installation11nr2
installation of the timber wardrobes to the guestrooms11nr2
aluminum terrace doors11nr2
Balustrade and Handrail
install of steel handrail to staircase11m.l15
Terrace handrail11m.l30
Bathroom accessories
Install bathrooms accessories and fittings as follows11No.5
Towel rail
Make up mirror chrome
Clothes line
Robe Hooks
Toilet roll holder
Grab rail with 45° bend to shower area
Toilet roll holder (spare)
Fixed shower curtain rail
Thermal moisture insulation
install sheet waterproofing for floors with thickness 4mm and the sides to 250mm height1160
cast light weight concrete 7cm average thickness1160