Senior surveyors responsibilities

1. Plan, supervise and participate in the work of staff responsible for performing location, topographic, property, right-of-way and other special surveying functions.
2. Establish schedules and methods for providing technical surveying services.
3. Monitor work activities to ensure compliance with established policies and procedures and make recommendation for changes and improvements to existing standards and procedures.
4. Perform the more technical and complex tasks of the work including coordinating surveying functions with Engineers, construction inspectors, Subcontractors and the general public.
5. Review scope of work of surveying projects, develop work plans and methods to complete assigned tasks.
6. Read and interpret engineering plans, drawings, specifications, maps and legal descriptions.
7. Collect and analyze field data, perform complex survey and engineering computations and make adjustments as appropriate.
8. Supervise the establishment of field control for construction projects; measure quantities for payment to Subcontractors and for use in developing as-built drawings.