Basic must-follow criteria to be considered during the design and construction of machine foundation

To have a perfect and reliant designs and constructions of machine foundation one
has to fulfill certain specific criteria listed as follows:

  1. Similar to ordinary/regular type foundation, the machine foundation have to be safe and secure against the shear failure resulted from superimposed loads and also the settlement should remain within the safer limits. The soli pressure strictly should not cross the permissible pressure for static loading.
  2. The possibility of resonance shall not be tolerated or encountered. The natural frequency of foundation needs to be either more than or lesser than the operating/working frequency of the machine.
  3. The amplitudes under service condition have to remain within the allowable limits for the machine.
  4. The combination/summation of centre of gravity of the machine and the foundation should remain on the vertical line passing through the center of gravity of the base plane.
  5. The machine foundation has to be laid lower than the level of the foundation of adjacent building and have to be separated properly.
  6. The vibrations occurred or produced strictly should not annoy/trouble or distract to the persons nearby not detrimental to other objects/structures nearby. For this one can use the Richarts charts, which was developed during 1962 to determine the design limits of vertical vibrations. It is used as guideline to determine the numerous limits of frequency and amplitudes.
  7. The presence of ground-water table has to be at minimum of one-fourth of the foundation width below the base plane.