Necessity of pile foundations

The use of pile foundations is inevitable during following conditions:

  1. At the time when the strata at or just beneath the ground surface is greatly compressible and very weak or loose for carrying the load transferred from the structure above.
  2. When the plan of the structure is irregular relative to its outline and load distribution. This may lead to the unpleasant non-uniform settlement when the shallow foundation is constructed. Thus, a pile foundation eliminates differential settlement.
  3. The pile foundations are perfect for transmission of different structural loading/forces via deep water to the firm stratum below.
  4. The pile foundations are proficiently used to withstand the horizontal forces as well as supports. The vertical forces/loads in the earth retaining structures and tall structure which are subjected to horizontal forces of wind and earthquake.
  5. The plies are extremely useful when the soil conditions are in very loose/weak conditions that a washout, erosion and scour of soil underneath leads to the collapse of shallow foundations.
  6. The piles are used for the foundations of some structures, such as transmission towers, off-shore platforms, which are subjected to uplift.
  7. In expansive soils like black cotton soil, that swells or shrinks when the ware content varies, the piles are used to transfer the load below the active zone.