Types of machine foundations

The most commonly constructed and used machine foundations are of four types, which are as follows:

  1. Block type: comprises of a pedestal resting base on a footings. This sort of foundation consists of a large mass and comparatively small natural frequency.
  2. Box type: comprises of a hollow concrete blocks. The mass of this sort of foundations are comparatively lesser than the block type, however the natural frequency is found increased.
  3. Wall type: comprises of a pair of walls featured with a top slab. The machine is laid to rest on the top portion of slab.
  4. Framed type: comprises of vertical columns consisting a horizontal frame at their tops. The machine is laid and supported within the frame.

Suitability of use of machine foundations:

The machines that produce periodical and impulsive loading/forces/vibrations at lower speeds are principally offered or constructed with the block type machine foundations. Framed type machine foundations are principally employed or constructed for the machines functioning or running at higher speeds and also for rotating types. However, those machines with negligibly minute dynamic forces/vibrations like for lathes do not require to be provided with machine foundations. They can be simply directly bolted or fastened on the floor.