Common issues in Hollow Core Slabs

Hollow Core Slabs system is a preferred solution for long spans, short buildings, car parks, etc. Also, it is suitable for fast construction But, some issues are considered common while erecting the Hollow Core Slabs or to be obvious, when it comes to measuring the lengths from the drawings and the beams widths are not drawn to scale resulting to shorter or longer spans and eventually the panels will be delivered to the site with unexpected lengths. This will lead to either cut the edges of the panels or part of the beams from both ends of the panel which considered unacceptable in some cases or need to be verified for the new dimensions!

The below details show some suggestions to solve the issue by increasing the shear capacity of the concrete at the ends of the panels.

Edge Beam Detail

Intermediate Beam Detail

Cross section of the Hollow Core Slab showing the concrete filled inside the holes