1. Assure correct interpretation and implementation of the technical and
    administrative requirements specified in the contract clauses and specifications
    and other documents which form part of tender.
  2. Prepare Tender Appraisal Report.
  3. Perform and check quantity surveying works and materials take-off to check
    accuracy of quantities in the Bill of Quantity (BOQ).
  4. Arrange tender kick-off meeting with department and assign responsibilities
    within tender and other departments to meet tender submission date.
  5. Attend Site Visit and Pre-Tender meeting with Client and prepare minutes and
    inform Area Manager accordingly.
  6. Assist in the evaluation and assessment of Subcontractors and Suppliers.
  7. Prepare in-direct costs and cost estimates during tenders.
  8. Assist in the preparation of technical submissions to the Client to eliminate
  9. Review tender documents with regards to technical and commercial matters and
    advise Area Manager accordingly.
  10. Arrange for tender close-out meeting together with Area Manager to compile
    both technical and commercial submissions.
  11. Prepare Post-Tender clarifications when required and attend Post-Tender
  12. Perform other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to