Our custom services include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Turning your basic spreadsheets to work similar to ours listed in our website
This is by enabling you to insert hundreds of cross sections and load cases and solve them all together at once by a simple click. Cost of this service starts from 50$.
  • Integration of Visual Basic Applications into any spreadsheet.
This is by inserting visual basic codes into a basic spreadsheet, to ease the use of these spreadsheets to users and improve productivity. Cost of this service starts from 25$.


  • Creating any kind of spreadsheets according to any international code or standard.
You tell us what you need and we will create it for you in a short time. Cost of this service starts from 100$.


  • Creating a custom series of design spreadsheets for organisations.
Cost of this service starts from 100$/spreadsheet, but discounted prices applicable.


  • Check and review of any model created using any FEM software.
If you have created a model using any FEM software and looking for a third party to verify or check any warnings or errors if any, send it to us and we will send you a complete report of any issue has been discovered and the fix for each, also provide guidance and recommendations to designers in their structural systems and lateral loads. Cost of this service is free for small models and charges will apply for other complicated models.