The most important factors considered in the code for ensuring seismic of
various category buildings are the

  1. For safety of walls
  • Mortar used in foundations and walls
  • Size and placing of door, window openings in walls
  • Lengths of wall between cross walls
  • Height of wall above floor to ceiling
  • Unconnected perpendicular walls
  • Provision of horizontal seismic bands at
  1. plinth level
  2. door and window lintel level
  3. ceiling of lat floor/roof, or eave level of sloping roofs
  4. gable ends and top of ridge wall
  5. window sill level
  • Provision of vertical steel bar
  1. at each corner/junction of walls
  2. at door and window jambs
  1. For safety of roofs or floors
  • use of Roofs/floors with prefabricated or precast elements
  • use of Cantilever balconies
  • use of Roofs/floors with wooden joists with Various covering elements
  • use of Jack arch roof or floors
  • use of Sloping roofs with sheets or tile covering
  • use of Sloping raftered roofs