Feel free to download and use any spreadsheet listed on our website. All demo versions are limited to solve up to 3 sections and printing option is disabled. For users who purchased any of the premium spreadsheets, we provide technical support by email. Please email us your question, together with your name and complete problem description. Based on user’s input and our evaluation, we will continue to improve our spreadsheets.

Pre Posting questions
Why should I post in Strukts?

  1. You will share your experiences in your engineering field with other engineers,
  2. You will verify that your knowledge and experience are correct with others,
  3. You will express your knowledge to employers when asking about what you know.

Pre sales questions

  • Can I use your spreadsheets in my projects?
    Strukts offers a number of quality and powerful spreadsheets that can be used
    in your projects. Branding logo is editable only in premium copies of spreadsheets.

  • Can I modify the spreadsheet to my liking?
    All spreasheets are protected, modifications are permitted only in the premium versions of spreadsheets.

  • Can I use your spreadsheets on commercial projects?
    Absolutely! You are more than welcome to use the spreadsheets that are available on our site, subject to our terms of use and Disclaimer.

  • Do all the spreadsheets twork with all office versions?
    Yes, however you might face invisible charts in the output results forms in 2007.

  • What are the computer requirements to run STЯUKTƧ spreadsheets?
    The minimum performance will run them all perfectly.

  • Can the STЯUKTƧ spreadsheets run on Windows Server Environment?

  • Can I change the Logo image in the spreadsheet?
    Only the premium versions can be changed. The free versions are strongly encrypted.

Account or payment related questions

  • How does the payment process work? When will I get my spreadsheet(s)?

After you select a spreadsheet, you will be taken to the checkout screen where you will need to fill in your name and desired user name and password. You will then be directed to our payment gateway where you complete your payment. After your payment has been completed, a secured download link will be instantly sent to your registered email.

  • I paid already. Still haven’t received any e-mail and can’t log in. How long will it take?
    Please make sure to check your SPAM folder in your email inbox. If it’s not there, please use the contact form and contact us with your purchase details.

  • Which payment types do you accept?
    All our payments are processed via third party payment gateways 2Checkout
    or PayPal. If you are facing any difficulty in payment
    process, you can contact us through the contact form.