Shear Walls and Core Wall Inspection Checklist

Approved shop drawings and Authorities drawings Dimensions Vertical reinforcement Vertical reinforcement overlap Top level of concrete pour MEP Clearances and lift clearance where applicable Concrete spacers / cover blocks Safety Cleaning Alignment Tightening of bars Number and diameter of starter bars Level of trimming the vertical bars in slabs or beams Horizontal bars and confinement …

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Striking of Formworks

Factors to be considered prior striking formworks (CIRIA Report 136): Collapse Deflection Freeze/thaw damage Mechanical damage Further damage due to site operations Moisture loss Color variation Durability Thermal cracking and shock Site requirements Minimizing striking times is generally calculated by determining the cube strength required to satisfy all the criteria.

56 days Concrete Test

Unlike the ordinary portland cement where the 28 days concrete test is applicable, 28 and 56 days Concrete test applies only when using High Early Strength Portland Cement

Wind simulation using Robot Millennium

Robot Millennium now offers a wind simulation, but you still need to do one more step to get the final surface wind pressure. This video shows the dynamic wind pressure before multiplying by the size effect factor Ca and Cp and the code used over here is the British Standard.

Method statement

What is the method statement? Method statement is the procedure of fixing, pouring a concrete, welding, etc. It is the procedure and how to? It must include the following sections: A Title e.g. Work Method Statement, or Standard Operating Procedure, A brief description of the works, task or process (Procedure), Check list, Risk assessment, Warranty. …

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Safety Manager Roles and Responsibilities

Implements the Company’s Health, Safety and Environmental procedures. Inspects various site facilities observing operations and activities, investigating health and safety complaints and ensuring that work sites are in compliance with safety regulations. Coordinates and consults with Department Heads and Project Managers regarding health and safety issues in their respective areas and recommends corrective actions for …

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Senior Architect Roles and Responsibilities

Designs projects and/or review architectural or engineering plans, specifications and contract documents to ensure compliance with government codes, laws and regulations. Advises Subcontractors on the interpretation of plans, recommends changes when necessary. Prepares and/or review preliminary designs, working drawings, specifications and cost estimates related to the project. Provides technical expertise in development or review of …

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Technical Engineer Roles and Responsibilities

Coordinate all design development and approval processes. Follow up the time schedule agreed for the design development and shop drawings with Subcontractors. Prepare and implement a drawing management system. Review contract documents and advise the Project Manager on technical matters affecting construction and time costs. Prepare and follow-up technical queries with the Client/Consultants. Assist in …

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Plant and Equipment Engineer Roles and Responsibilities

Monitors a predetermined schedule of preventive maintenance to include inspecting equipment for proper lubrication and cleaning; complete preventive maintenance records. Coordinates annual/quarterly inventory on all major equipment. Prepares monthly report for all hired equipment and machines. Coordinates with the Project Manager for all plant and equipment requirements. Liaises with Plant and Equipment Division for all …

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Project Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities

Oversee and review the full range of project coordination activities including the review of reports, plans and specifications ensuring compliance with standards. Plan and prioritize work assignments. Participates in the establishment of construction methods and project schedules. Coordinate progress meetings. Assists in the interpretation of drawings and specifications to resolve differences on technical matters. Ensure …

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