Contracts Manager Roles and Responsibilities

Identifies potential activities and situations that might require contracts and agreements and coordinates with all parties as needed. Creates and corrects request for proposals and related supplemental documentation needed to comply with legal requirements and to establish clarity and completeness,. Conducts detailed review of all contract packages and related submissions to ensure that requests and …

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Senior Contracts Engineer Roles and Responsibilities

Prepare Subcontract Agreement and Joint Venture Agreement and conclude the same in coordination with Commercial Manager. Follow up Subcontractor’s Performance Bonds and Tender Bonds Reviews Subcontractor’s monthly invoice and prepare Subcontractor’s Payment Certificates. Identify variation or change order and prepare valuation accounts. Assist the Purchasing Department and Site Project Manager in contractual matters related to …

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What is the difference bw round deformed bars and rebars?

What is the difference bw round deformed bars and rebars? In rebars the deformed ribs are in angles of 45 degree.. but question is that which is best suited for construction? kindly just me differences in both these. – See more at:

Uniform loads in Safe 14

Suppose you have a 300 mm thick slab with uniform load distribution across the entire slab and some areas representing foundations, etc and you want to assign uniform loads on these particular areas. Do not add these areas as 0.01 mm thick slabs and the loads applied on them. Just assign these areas to the …

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EBT adhesive sealant Is a very powerful material from sika used as waterproofing and strong adhesive agent.

Recorded experience

Record your design or site experience here, you might need them in future in order to prevent any problems at site: Let’s start with some problems due to some discrepancies between architectural and structural drawings: Beam widths on plans are mismatching the schedule of beams Ramp slopes are mismatching between structural and architectural drawings and …

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Types of contracts

Fixed-price contracts. (Lump sum contract) Firm Fixed Price Contracts (FFP). Fixed Price Incentive Fee Contracts (FPIF). Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment Contracts (FP-EPA). Cost-reimbursable contracts. (Cost plus contract) Cost Plus Fixed Fee Contracts (CPFF). Cost Plus Incentive Fee Contracts (CPIF). Cost Plus Award Fee Contracts (CPAF).

Concrete Rebound Hammer Schmidt Type

The test hammer will hit the concrete at a defined energy. Its rebound is dependent on the hardness of the concrete and is measured by the test equipment. By references to the conversion chart, the rebound value can be used to determine the compressive strength. For more information visit our website at:

Codes are philosophies

Codes are philosophies not geographical. That does not mean a permission to use different codes in one structure! Because it will lead to use of different philosophies!

How much do palm trees weigh?

This varies according to the type of palm. They average from 1.67 kN / sq.m, 7.66 kN / sq.m to 15 kN / sq.m Palmettos average 100 lbs per trunk foot, Pindos average 500 lbs per trunk foot, Canary Island Dates average 1000 lbs per trunk foot. Source: