Placing booms are used in high rise buildings were the concrete cannot be

It is consisting of a steel tube / box section as a the main member and an arm with hinges. The concrete flows inside the pipe connected to it through a static concrete pump.

Depending on the height of the high raise building / tower the capacity of the pump is calculated.Example:
The maximum Pressure on Concrete is 290 Bar (given by manufacturer) = 29 MPa x 17,671 mm² (Area of 150 mm pipe Dia.) = 512 kN.

Placing booms are commonly supported on steel beams (saddle beams) or on the concrete floor slab, subject to be designed for its reactions given by the manufacturer.

Placing booms jump vertically on the saddle beams to cover the upper levels, therefore you will need to create openings in the core or make a provision for the slab supporting it in each floor. The collar which is connecting the placing boom with the saddle beams / floor slab need to be fixed in 3 locations. 2 collars in level 1 & 3 if it is in service and 3 collars during the jump.

The jump of the placing boom is self jumping using the built-in jacks and does not require any lifting using any cranes. Just during the first installation a crane is required.