1. Monitors a predetermined schedule of preventive maintenance to include inspecting equipment for proper lubrication and cleaning; complete preventive maintenance records.
  2. Coordinates annual/quarterly inventory on all major equipment.
  3. Prepares monthly report for all hired equipment and machines.
  4. Coordinates with the Project Manager for all plant and equipment requirements.
  5. Liaises with Plant and Equipment Division for all plant and equipment requirements.
  6. Follows-up with Workshop repair and maintenance of plant and equipment to ensure their availability on site or minimizes non-usage.
  7. Monitors performance of plant and equipment used on site to determine efficiency and maximum utilization.
  8. Maintains and updates breakdown record of all equipment and suggest ways to minimize breakdown period.
  9. Ensures there is sufficient amount of oil and diesel on site for machine requirements.
  10. Makes spare parts available for equipment if they can be repaired on site.
  11. Records and monitors daily use of oil and diesel and make monthly summary to the Project Manager.
  12. Prepares monthly summary of total maintenance cost for all plant and equipment.