1. Organize, implement, conduct and manage the QA/QC Programs as per the
    Company’s Quality Policy.
  2. Coordinate the document controls of technical submittals, drawings, etc with
    the Project Team and to ensure that the QA/QC validation has been done, to
    ensure their issue, amendments and recall of controlled documents.
  3. Coordinate all inspections, monitor the required tests and record inspections
    and tests made pas the Contract Plan and Contract Specifications.
  4. Liaise with the Client’s representatives for the conduct of day-to-day
    quality related project activities.
  5. Coordinate with the Project Manager regarding work performance and hold
    authority to stop work in any area where discrepancies remain uncorrected and/or
    cancel the stop work order upon satisfactory correction of noted deficiencies.
  6. Provide technical support to the Project Manager and guidance to site staff
    in submission of materials for approval, request for inspection, shop drawings,
    As-built drawings, O & M manual.
  7. Assist QA/QC Manager in conducting internal quality audits.
  8. Ensure that Non-Conformance Report (NCR) are raised once the activities
    deviated from the Contract Specifications or normal construction industry
  9. Coordinate with the project staff to compile and maintain pertinent records
    of inspection and testing until end of the contract and all pertinent records
    for retention on completion of the project.
  10. Attend Monthly Project Review Meetings (PRM) and alert the project team of
    any potential problems.