1. Designs projects and/or review architectural or engineering plans, specifications and contract documents to ensure compliance with government codes, laws and regulations.
  2. Advises Subcontractors on the interpretation of plans, recommends changes when necessary.
  3. Prepares and/or review preliminary designs, working drawings, specifications and cost estimates related to the project.
  4. Provides technical expertise in development or review of policies and procedures in relation to architectural structures and systems and construction/safety codes.
  5. Researches literature and maintain knowledge of current building materials, structural, mechanical and electrical system codes and methods of application.
  6. Reviews Subcontractor’s shop drawings to ensure compliance with specifications and contract agreements by checking them for technical accuracy according to accepted guidelines.
  7. Works with customers and Clients to gather facts, defines design and space planning problems, conceptualize possible solutions and secure approvals of proposals.
  8. Reviews product literature, analyzes materials and determines appropriateness for application to projects.
  9. Provides advice and develop design documents to initiate and modify architectural, interior design and space planning solutions.
  10. Performs design drafting including preliminary drawings, working drawings and full detail drawings for architectural, structural and mechanical works associated with building construction or improvement projects.
  11. Provides finish selections including color palettes, carpet and wall finishes, lighting and other various interior selections.