1. Prepare Subcontract Agreement and Joint Venture Agreement and conclude the same in coordination with Commercial Manager.
  2. Follow up Subcontractor’s Performance Bonds and Tender Bonds
  3. Reviews Subcontractor’s monthly invoice and prepare Subcontractor’s Payment Certificates.
  4. Identify variation or change order and prepare valuation accounts.
  5. Assist the Purchasing Department and Site Project Manager in contractual matters related to procurement / supply contract and agreements.
  6. Assist in reviewing the contract documents prior to tendering.
  7. Reviews and clarifies show drawings.
  8. Coordinate Project Close-Out Procedures including manuals, warranties and As-built drawings.
  9. Maintain a repository of all contract documentation.
  10. Maintain contract database and order tracking system for all contracts executed.
  11. Review and update standard contract templates while identifying terms and clauses in agreements that represent compliance risks.
  12. Evaluate and review contracts on continuing basis to ensure financial and functional requirements are met.
  13. Examine and evaluate contract price proposal and financial reports to determine reasonable
  14. Pricing and other contractual requirements.