Welding of reinforcement should be avoided wherever possible. Where it is
essential it should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of BS EN
287-125, BS EN 288-326 and BS EN 1011-227 and Appendices 6 and 10 to the CARES
Steel for the Reinforcement of Concrete Scheme28. Welding procedures and welder
qualifications should be subject to the agreement of the Contract Administrator.
BS 712329 does not adequately cover the requirements for welding and welding
procedures in relation to reinforcement.

Semi-structural weldingSemi-structural welding of reinforcement should only

be carried out by firms that have achieved certification to CARES Appendix 10 �
Quality and operations assessment schedule for the manufacture of preassembled
welded fabrications using welded semistructural
and/or structural joints28.

Tack welding
Tack welding on site should not be permitted, other than in particular
circumstances for which special approval must be sought. Only firms that have
achieved certification to CARES Appendix 6 � Quality schedule for the tack
welding of reinforcing steel28, should be permitted to undertake contracts to
supply pre-assembled tack welded fabrications. Where tack welding is proposed
for reinforcement with a Carbon Equivalent greater than 0.42, the appropriate
procedures in BS EN 101127 must be followed.