If you’re looking for a quality and productivity column’s design spreadsheet to
be used in any project of any scale, try strukts columns spreadsheet. Below are
some of the features:Click on the photos to Enlarge

Intro Screen

Project’s InformationAdd your project’s details which will be constant for

every sheet to avoid human typing errors

Material’s Properties Insert your project’s materials properties to be

applied to all sections

Input TableAdd or paste the sections details as shown above, can be edited at

any time and click Solve to solve them all in 1 click. Tick mark shows that the
section is safe against all checks, wrong mark shows the section fails at a

Output Results for a Single Section Choose one of the inserted sections and

click on Solve selection to get the results only for that section individually

Calculations Sheet for Every SectionClick Print section to print the

calculations sheet for that specific section or Print all to re-solve and print
the calculations sheet for all inserted sections