1. Gather preliminary design data through accurate and thorough surveying,
    consultation with engineers, architects and any other appropriate methods.
  2. Prepare technical drawings on paper and digital format to general practices
    that are accurate, neat and conform to recognized standards and procedures.
  3. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of CADD procedures and software programs
    to achieve efficient use of resources.
  4. Develop scheme designs as per project requirements.
  5. Attend site investigations, report on ground conditions and prepare basic
  6. Undertake the plotting and issue of technical drawings as per project
  7. Take receipt of incoming technical information in paper and digital format
    and ensure safe and proper storage; maintain adequate records of all information
  8. Ensure compliance of all drawing office procedures with good practice and
    Quality Assurance procedures, as appropriate.
  9. Provide general project support including site surveys, attendance at project
    meetings, assistance with site inspection.
  10. Keep supervisor appropriately informed regarding progress, problems and
  11. Create project computer files and ensure that all information is placed in
    the proper design file.
  12. Ensure effective use of the project s computer storage capacity and
    efficient file access.