1. Plans, schedules, directs and controls the progress of construction

  2. Reviews and verifies accuracy and consistency of engineering drawings and
    specifications and monitors progress to ensure compliance with plans and

  3. Prepares regular reports on progress and requirements for labor, materials,
    machinery and equipment at the construction site.

  4. Meeting regularly with the Owners, Subcontractors, Client and Consultants to
    monitor and coordinate all phases of the construction project.

  5. Monitors Subcontractor s work schedule, safety performance and work quality.

  6. Ensures Client s specifications and requirements are implemented according to
    agreed upon deliverables; produces punch lists and coordinate completion of
    those lists.

  7. Evaluates and determines appropriate construction delivery systems and the
    most cost-effective plan and schedule for completing the project.

  8. Organizes and attends site meetings on Contractor s and Supplier s quality
    and performance to ensure adherence to established standards.

  9. Ensures that site comply with current health and safety regulations and
    Company’s safety policies.

  10. Develops good safety culture by ensuring that all personnel are trained or
    well briefed (method statements, risk assessments) in the tasks they undertake.