1. Identifies potential activities and situations that might require contracts and agreements and coordinates with all parties as needed.
  2. Creates and corrects request for proposals and related supplemental documentation needed to comply with legal requirements and to establish clarity and completeness,.
  3. Conducts detailed review of all contract packages and related submissions to ensure that requests and proposals are in the best interest of the Company.
  4. Prepares and reviews contract drafts and agreements to ensure accuracy, completeness and compliance with government laws.
  5. Coordinates review of contract drafts with Legal Department when needed.
  6. Incorporates revisions made by various parties of the contracts and agreements.
  7. Ensures that invoices are submitted in the correct amounts and according to contract provisions.
  8. Maintains close scrutiny of contract compliance to ensure that goods or services are furnished in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.
  9. Reviews the terms and conditions of each expiring contract/agreement; determines if contracts can be legally renewed or if new contract must be initiated to continue the contracted service.
  10. Ensures that reviews of expiring contracts are conducted prior to expiration and recommendations for renewal/nonrenewable are made in a timely fashion.
  11. Prepares correspondence, memos, summaries and issue papers in accordance with established formats and specified timelines.
  12. Develops and cultivates effective working relationships with a wide variety of contacts to facilitate accomplishing the Company’s goals and objectives.
  13. Ensures that inquiries, requests for assistance and complaints are responded to promptly