1. Achieve a detailed understanding of the Contract documents (drawings and specifications), phasing plans, MEP systems interrelationships, construction sequencing and project schedule.
  2. Facilitate problem solving, as may arise, between MEP Subcontractors during construction.
  3. Validate design issues related to MEP and suggest alternative solutions.
  4. Assist in the receipt and review of MEP submittals.
  5. Log and post all MEP changes and as-built information on field drawings.
  6. Assist in the scope review, budgeting and justification of MEP change work order.
  7. Assist in the installation of MEP work.
  8. Direct, monitor and control the activities of MEP Subcontractor.
  9. Coordination and administration of MEP related materials, systems and shop drawings submittals.
  10. Liaison with Consultant MEP supervisory Engineers, Inspectors and relevant staff.
  11. Ensure that MEP Subcontractors provides and adheres to relevant Quality documentation/records.
  12. Ensure that MEP Subcontractors adheres to Project safety regulations.
  13. Assist in the testing and commissioning of MEP equipment. Internally with Project Management Team Externally with Client / Consultant’s Representatives
  14. To ensure that the highest quality of mechanical, electrical and plumbing construction work are in accordance with project specific cost and schedule requirements.