1. Oversee and review the full range of project coordination activities including the review of reports, plans and specifications ensuring compliance with standards.
  2. Plan and prioritize work assignments.
  3. Participates in the establishment of construction methods and project schedules.
  4. Coordinate progress meetings.
  5. Assists in the interpretation of drawings and specifications to resolve differences on technical matters.
  6. Ensure the project’s compliance with budget, quality and schedule constraints.
  7. Lead and participate in a broad range of project coordination activities associated with the preparation, review and evaluation of plans and specifications.
  8. Understand and enforce contractual responsibilities and assist resolving disputes.
  9. Prepare a work plan strategy for the timely project completion.
  10. Adhere to project reporting procedures including performance status report on cost and schedules.
  11. Advise on Subcontract Agreement preparation and award procedures ensuring conformity with legal, technical and administrative standards.
  12. Coordinate project activities with Subcontractors and monitors the implementation of Subcontract Agreements.