1. Implements the Company’s Health, Safety and Environmental procedures.
  2. Inspects various site facilities observing operations and activities, investigating health and safety complaints and ensuring that work sites are in compliance with safety regulations.
  3. Coordinates and consults with Department Heads and Project Managers regarding health and safety issues in their respective areas and recommends corrective actions for any safety violation noted.
  4. Makes recommendations for corrections and follow up to ensure that violations are corrected.
  5. Prepares Monthly Safety Report covering all Departments and sites.
  6. Conducts safety training including classroom lectures, demonstrations or hands-on instructions.
  7. Reviews accidents and makes recommendations for prevention of similar future accidents.
  8. Ensures that projects complies with all environmental regulations regarding hazardous substance handling and disposal.
  9. Inspects and tests machinery and equipment such as lifting devices, machine shields and scaffoldings to make sure they meet safety regulations.
  10. Identifies and test work areas for potential accident and health hazards such as toxic fumes and explosive gas-air mixtures and implement control measures.
  11. Helps supervise the investigation of accidents and unsafe working conditions, study possible causes and recommend remedial actions.
  12. Coordinates emergency procedures, fire fighting and first aid crew.