1. Coordinate all design development and approval processes.
  2. Follow up the time schedule agreed for the design development and shop drawings with Subcontractors.
  3. Prepare and implement a drawing management system.
  4. Review contract documents and advise the Project Manager on technical matters affecting construction and time costs.
  5. Prepare and follow-up technical queries with the Client/Consultants.
  6. Assist in preparing Method Statements and Procedures related to construction both structural and architectural and give technical features for the aspects of work.
  7. Coordinate the approval of drawings and responsible for the distribution of drawings released for construction to concerned site personnel.
  8. Ensure in coordination with Site Engineers that execution of works are to the required quality and safety and resolves all technical problems for all trades.
  9. Assist the Project Manager in the management of Subcontractor works and point out any technical deviation.
  10. Assist in Quantity Take-Off for tenders.