Is a concrete with no reinforcement. Although, it can t be used in columns or
walls, can t be used in slabs or beams But, It shall be used in outriggers,
spandrals to give more safety and time for the evacuation of buildings under
seismic activities.Ultra High Performance Concrete is produced with materials commonly found in
concrete (cement, silica fume, sand, superplasticizer and water) plus unique
materials like ground quartz and fibers (high carbon metallic or poly-vinyl

It has superior characteristics:

Ultra High Performance Concrete is Materials with a cement matrix &
characteristic compressive strength in excess of (150 MPa), possibly attaining
(250 MPa), and containing fibers in order to achieve ductile behavior
under tension and, if possible, to dispense with passive (non-prestressed)
reinforcement.**Ultra High Performance Concrete **differs from the High
Performance Concrete by: * compressive strength > (150 MPa)

  • systematic use of fibers to ensure non-brittle, and
  • high binder content & special aggregates

It Can Provide: * Compressive strengths up to (200 MPa);

  • Flexural strengths up to (40 MPa) ;

  • Direct tension up to (10 MPa);

  • Ductility;

  • greater capacity to deform and support flexural and tensile loads, even after
    initial cracking.

  • Abrasion resistance similar to natural rock and;

  • Impermeability

  • almost no carbonation or penetration of chlorides